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The Municipal Reinsurance Health Insurance Fund or the MRHIF is a Joint Insurance Fund formed pursuant to NJSA 40A:10-36 et-Seq. The MRHIF was established in 1999 when its four original member regional Health Insurance Funds “HIF”s determined that additional cost savings could be achieved by pooling together to provide excess reinsurance and jointly purchasing on other health related services.

The MRHIF provides both Specific and Aggregate reinsurance coverage above its member “HIF”s Self Insured Retentions “SIR” for Medical and Prescription Drugs. The Fund has also procured TPA services, provider networks, Prescription Benefit Manager, wellness programs, enrollments systems and other related services on a joint purchase bases.

In addition to its HIF members the MRHIF will consider membership for self-insured local units that have at least 750 covered lives such as larger municipalities, Board of Educations, Counties etc.

As of 2020 the Fund includes Six regional local member HIFs, that insure over 185 Municipalities and/or School Districts in New Jersey.

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For information about joining contact the Program Manager Dave Vozza 201-307-8601

Fund Footprint

  • NORTH JERSEY FUND (Municipal)


  • CENTRAL Fund




MRHIF Reinsurance Program

Available coverage

  • Specific coverage

    Reimburses the MRHIF member (local HIF) for claims from any one person per contract year that exceeds its self insured retention “SIR”
  • Aggregate coverage- Available

    Reimburses the MRHIF member (local HIF) for eligible claims for the entire group that exceed a predetermined amount, typically 120% of expected claims.

Specific/Individual Reinsurance Coverage:

Specific/Individual Stop Loss:
  • A shock loss may be defined as an abnormally large and unexpected claim

    Could be the result of severe accident or serious illness
  • Each local HIF is protected against the financial impact shock losses can cause over their selected Self Insured Retention “SIR” .

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